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What Is Mathematics for Computer Science

What Is Mathematics for Computer Science

Mathematics is often considered one of the most difficult core subjects. On the other hand, for many, computer science is considered exciting and easy to understand. 

So, how are these two distinct subjects related? A house is stable only if its foundations are well constructed. Similarly, mathematics is the basis on which computer science is built. Computer science is the innovative application of mathematical algorithms. 

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These algorithms are specifically designed to be understood by machines. The branch of mathematics that deals with these equations is known as discrete mathematics.

Discrete mathematics is a little different from the general mathematics courses taught in schools. Math taught in schools is considered “pure mathematics,” and has no specific applications. Discrete mathematics is the math that computers use to formulate algorithms and manage data. 

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science all use discrete mathematics. To become proficient in any area within computer science, you must be highly knowledgeable in mathematics. 

For example, to learn computer graphics, operating systems, and image processing, you will need to know linear algebra. For topics like artificial intelligence and machine learning, you must have an understanding of statistics, vector math, and probability. 

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